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Ep 144: ABIGAIL (2024) | Full Spoiler Review

First, came Dracula Untold. Then, came Renfield. And now, Universal returns with a third attempt to cash in on the Dracula mythos in the modern age: ABIGAIL. Is the third time the charm? Let’s sink our teeth in and find out! We spoil the film pretty early on, so you’ve been warned. Along the way, […]

Let’s Talk… Late Night with the Devil (2024) | Full Spoiler Review

Who’s your favorite late night host? Leno? Letterman? SATAN? (I’m partial to Conan myself.) This week, we review the buzzy arthouse horror movie, LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL, starring horror icon David Dastmalchian in his first-ever leading role. And Matt asks the question: who is the real devil here… AI? Or the people acting like […]

Bonus Episode: A24 CIVIL WAR | A Spoiler Review

Mark and I were minding our business, drinking butterbeer and burping, and having a fully frank discussion about politics and Alex Garland’s CIVIL WAR, when we decided… hey, we should release this as a full-on bonus episode. Let the people hear us speak on these culturally sensitive topics! So, here we go. SPOILERS ABOUND in […]

Retro Review: THE MUMMY (1999), the Summer Blockbuster Turns 25 Years Old – Guest: The Producer in the Booth!

Return with us to HAMUNAPTRA, the city of the dead! To celebrate its 25th anniversary this week, we’re reviewing Stephen Sommers’ popcorn classic, THE MUMMY. And as usual, in case you’ve been living in a sarcophagus for the last 25 years and somehow missed the movie… we talk spoilers pretty much right away. You’ve been […]

Retro Review: RAZORBACK (1984) w/ Special Guest: Dasein

The Outback – it’s not just a chain steakhouse your parents love. It’s also a godforsaken wasteland filled with sickos, spiders, and a monster deserving of its own creature feature… the RAZORBACK! We rewind back to 1984 to review this mean little movie directed by Russell Mulcahy, the visionary behind some of our favorite cult […]

New Movie Round-Up! | We Discuss Road House 2024, Madame Web, Dune Part Two, Argylle, and More…

This ain’t no April Fool’s joke. MARK HAS RETURNED TO THE POD. The boys are back in classic, two-hour OG episode form with this New Movie Round-Up special! On the docket: all the new movies making the rounds right now, on streaming and in theaters. We cover the product placement of Madame Web, the snooty […]

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire SPOILER Review | Special Guest: Dave Green from The Love of Cinema Podcast!

BUSTIN’ makes us feel good! And by us, I mean me and my guest this week — friend-of-the-show, Dave from The Love of Cinema Podcast!  Dave and I deep-dive into  the latest Ghostbusters legacy-quel, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. Did it live up to our expectations? Or should it have shuffled off into the afterlife to sell […]

St. Patrick’s Day Retro Review: LEPRECHAUN – With Special Guest: Martin from Film vs Film Podcast!

Lucky you! We did the thing that every other movie podcast did this St. Patrick’s Day – we rewatched LEPRECHAUN! And now, you good people get to hear about it. Joining me on this St. Patrick’s Day special episode is Martin from the Film vs Film Podcast, who came in totally green to this movie, […]

Let’s Talk IMAGINARY from Blumhouse — A Spoiler-Stuffed Review w/ Guest Co-Host: Tommy Nuggetz!

Friend-of-the-show Tommy Nuggetz returns to the pod to help me review the new Blumhouse joint, IMAGINARY! Come hear us discuss a movie about a scary imaginary friend that was probably written by a scary imaginary screenwriter… AKA ChatGPT. Along the way, we recommend some other, BETTER options for gateway horror movies for you youngins! Plus, […]

Bonus Episode: Las Vegas Trip Report, Feb 2024 — Stranger Things Store, Pinball Hall of Fame, Dita Las Vegas, Omega Mart, and more! (Special Guest: The Producer in the Booth)

Vegas, baby! VEGAS. The Producer in the Booth returns to the show for another installment in our bonus Trip Report series! This one is all about our recent visit to Las Vegas. We gambled, we dined, we entered a multi-dimensional grocery store! And we did it all twenty minutes away from a giant Dorito. Hear […]