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David Fincher directs THE KILLER (2023) | A Matt and Mark SPOILER Review

The man,  the myth, the FINCHER. Join us as we discuss David Fincher’s latest Netflix film, The Killer, starring Michael Fassbender as a hitman whose competence comes into question. We review the film, rank our favorite and least favorite Fincher films, and ponder who the best cinematic snipers are. Also, we somehow get into living […]

Retro Review: John Carpenter’s ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (1976)

We’ve talked ABOUT Carpenter on this pod, but it’s high time we actually TALK CARPENTER on this pod, youknowwhatImean? That’s right! You can practically hear that 70s synth, can’t you? We dig into John Carpenter’s splashy sophomore effort that took the 1977 Cannes film festival by storm. Cops and crooks must ban together, Rio Bravo […]

Our 2023 Halloween Special | Five Nights at Freddy’s SPOILER REVIEW

It’s been kinda spooky, if you think about it… but the time has come once again for our Spoopy season to end with our annual Halloween special! To help us spoop it up right, we’ll be reviewing the hot new video game horror movie, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S. We will want to spend more than […]

JASON LIVES! — A Spoopy Retro Review of Friday the 13th, Part VI (w/ Guest Co-Host Tommy Nuggetz and a Special Appearance by Film vs Film Podcast)

It’s Tuesday the 17th, but whatever… it’s still FRIDAY THE 13TH to us! Grab your sleeping bag because we’re heading out to Camp Crystal Lake (or is it Forest Green?) to talk all things Jason, as we review the fan-favorite Friday movie, JASON LIVES. Joining us is Guest Host-in-residence and diehard Friday fan, Tommy Nuggetz. […]

The Full HHN 2023 Special — We Discuss All Halloween Horror Nights Mazes, including The Last of Us, Stranger Things 4, Chucky, and more! (W/ Special Appearance by The Reel for Real)

Are you ready to re-enter the fog with us? We have returned from our annual pilgrimage to HHN with all sorts of terrifying tales, detailing our experience at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Hollywood. Hear our pulse-pounding play-by-play of every haunted maze at the event, plus scare zones. Hear how we survived the bug-infested crawl […]

SAW X Spoiler Review — A Matt and Mark Spoopy Episode (w/ Guest Host Tommy Nuggetz and a Special Appearance by Movie City Maniacs)

Saw splices its way back into cinemas with SAW X, and we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to Spoop It Up with our old pal Jigsaw. And we do mean OLD. Did you know Tobin Bell is 81?? Damn! Anywho, helping us play this sadistic cinema game is friend of the show and Guest […]

Spoopy Season 2023 Kicks Off with TWO Birthdays: Killer Klowns from Outer Space turns 35… and Matt turns 40!

Spoopy season 2023 begins with a special KILLER KLOWNS BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT That’s right, grab your popcorn blaster and settle into a cozy cotton candy cocoon, because the Killer Klowns from Outer Space turn 35… and Matt turns 40. Join us as we celebrate these dualing holidays, discuss the Chiodo Brothers’ cult classic, its strange Seinfeld […]

Retro Review — We Get Prepped for SAW X with a Rewatch of Saw (2004) & Saw II (2005)!

It’s been a long time since we’ve CUT IT UP with our ol’ pal, Jigsaw… so why not rewind to where it all began? We want to play a game… Since SAW X apparently happens between the events of the first two Saw films –did you know that?!– we decided to go back to 2004/2005 […]

We’re Back in the Habit for THE NUN II | Matt and Mark Movie Show Spoiler Review

PRAISE BE. We’re back in the Habit this week to review THE NUN II. Where do we stand on this Nun sequel? Do we miss Corin Hardy’s campy direction? Is there enough Bonnie Aarons (hint: there is NEVER enough Bonnie)? And how does this fit in with the rest of the Conjuring universe? We discuss […]

GET REC’d: A Patreon Free Preview Episode — We Talk International Movie Posters, American Gladiators, and more!

Hey, it’s Labor Day here in the states, so we’re being good Americans and taking the week off. But we still have a NEW EPISODE for ya! (Well, NEW if you’re not already a Patron, which I’m guessing you’re not… judging by our subscriber numbers. You should be though!) Inspired by the free preview weekends […]