We got a whole lotta show this week. Streaming services dumped a ton of new content on us over the holiday break, and Mark and I watched most of it! Join us as we discuss everything from Wonder Woman 1984, The Midnight Sky, and Pixar’s Soul… to disturbing TikTok trends, the Nestle water situation, and Mark’s surprise appearance on HBO’s How To with John Wilson.

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Timestamps (if you want to skip around):

0:00-2:13 Show intro

2:14-13:33 Mark’s appearance on HBO’s How To with John Wilson

13:34-17:25 Mark shares a positive celebrity story to offset Matt’s sad Big Show story

17:26-31:01 The Midnight Sky

31:02-48:43 Licence to Kill, Timothy Dalton, ranking the Bond movies

48:44-53:52 The Nestle water situation

53:53-1:09:15 Wonder Woman 1984

1:09:16-1:22:25 Disney Pixar’s Soul

1:22:26-1:30:36 Tenet

1:30:37-1:36:00 The Last Blockbuster

1:36:01-1:40:59 Twins, Innerspace, 80s comedies, show outro