Hoo boy, git ‘er done! Cannibals! Killings! Inbreds! They rebooted Wrong Turn and forgot to include one of those. Anywho, we just found out about it, so join us as we discuss this 2021 version as well as the original schlock film that started it all way back in 2003. As per usual, our review also takes a few wrong turns into talking Academy Award nominations, Trader Joe’s wines, and medical questions we have about The Hunger Games.

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Timestamps (if you want to skip around):

00:00 Intro

04:13 Academy Award nominations

09:30 Marlon Brando in Superman: The Movie

11:55 Beginning of Wrong Turn discussion

14:22 Trader Joe’s wine and comic book multiverse movies

19:16 back to Wrong Turn

56:57 Peeta from the Hunger Games

01:00:34 more Wrong Turn

01:13:42 We talk Tubi and Fubu (not Fubo, Fubu with a u)