Two benchmarks: we are rapidly approaching our 100th episode and the MCU is kicking off Phase Five. Those are equally as important, right?

(By the way, if you want to be part of our special 100th episode next week, feel free to email us, leave us a voicemail, or DM us on the socials, and we’ll throw you in! Okay, back to the show notes…)

Joining us to kick off this new Marvel phase are our friends from The Underrated Podcast: Derick, Alan, and Ariel. They’re Marvel experts and Matt…well,  isn’t. They give us a much-needed physics lesson inside the Quantum Realm, school us on MODOK’s animated origins, and theorize about what would happen if the real Owen Wilson met Mobius. They even brought Edgar Allen Poe along for a cameo. It’s educational!

See you next week for our hundredth and remember to…

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