Santa ain’t the only one comin’ back to town. So’s our buddy, Tommy Nuggetz! He’s here to help us ring in the holidays with the return of our annual HOLIDAY GRAB BAG EPISODE!  The theme this year: SNOWBOUND CINEMA.

So grab your ugly sweaters because we’re breaking out the nostalgic commercials of yesteryear and breaking THE ICE with three random snow-covered movies: The Grey, Vertical Limit, and Black Coal, Thin Ice.

“Wait! Why didn’t you dummies review The Thing? That’s a snowy movie I’ve heard of!” you might say.

We explain why in the episode.

Join us as we discuss skipping The Thing, and what happens when you watch movies on airplanes that have plane crash scenes in them. Along the way, we also debate whether or not Chris O’Donnell is any good, lament Tubi’s janky subtitles, and reminisce about the good ol’ days of McDonald’s Bucks.  Happy holidays, Spoopers!

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