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Episode 13: Willy’s Wonderland

In this episode, we review our second Nicolas Cage movie on this show, the Five Nights at Freddy’s ripoff, Willy’s Wonderland.  We also discuss the work of another Nicolas, Mr. Nicolas Winding Refn — and it doesn’t go the way you think.  We also talk The Banana Splits Movie, debate which cookie is best, and […]

Episode 11: The Little Things

One of us liked The Little Things, and the other one didn’t. Find out who in this extended episode that covers everything from Jared Leto’s Golden Globe nominated performance(!), to Warner Bros.’ 2021 slate of HBO Max premieres, to the new Animaniacs on Hulu, to pooping in public places. It’s the little things… Follow us […]

Episode 10: We Can Be Heroes

The nerdiness is pumped up to 11 this week, as we discuss the MCU, DC Universe, X-Men, Sky High, Shazam and all the other big superhero movies that Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes shamelessly ripped off. Laugh at Mark as he confuses the Avengers with the Justice League, hear our tales of what it’s like […]

Episode 9: Outside the Wire

We expected Netflix’s Outside the Wire to be a straightforward sci-fi actioner, but hoo boy were we wrong. Turns out it’s a sexy android movie with more twists, turns, and kinks than a robo-orgy. Join us as we review the movie, discuss the de-evolution of cool robot design in film, get sidetracked with Disney+ talk, […]

Episode 7: Winter Break Movie Grab Bag

We got a whole lotta show this week. Streaming services dumped a ton of new content on us over the holiday break, and Mark and I watched most of it! Join us as we discuss everything from Wonder Woman 1984, The Midnight Sky, and Pixar’s Soul… to disturbing TikTok trends, the Nestle water situation, and […]

Episode 6: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Happy New Year! We welcome you to the year 2021 with the semi-prophetic, pseudo-sensitive action movie, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. We discuss the movie’s impact on current pop culture, do a bit of fantasy casting for a potential remake, and Matt opens up about a painful memory involving the professional wrestling superstar, The […]

Episode 2: “Unhinged”

We review 2020’s Unhinged for our second episode, and compare it with 1993’s Falling Down, a much, much better movie. We also take a detour to talk Gremlins, old screenwriters using Fortnite as a plot device, and the discovery of the Derrick Borte Cinematic Universe of Angry Driver Movies. Follow us on Instagram @themattandmarkmovieshow, and […]