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Episode 42: Malignant

Hold on to your hats… er, heads… for this episode because it is a doozy! We’re reviewing James Wan’s latest head trip Malignant, and doing a deep-dive on giallo movies. We also take a few detours –as we do– to talk breakfast sandwiches, home video formats, and the nightmare fuel that is the creepy Old […]

Episode 40: Candyman

SAY HIS NAME. Or don’t. We don’t want to responsible for a mirror demon coming into your bathroom while you’re on the toilet. This week, we’re talking all things Candyman – from the iconic 1992 original film, to the new 2021 incarnation. We’re breaking down the kills, links between the two films, and doing a […]

Episode 39: Double Feature: Don’t Breathe 2 and Reminiscence

It’s two times the tragedy as we strap in for a DOUBLE FEATURE! But don’t get too happy, because we get into some serious shit this week. Mark tells us a disturbing story from his past, Matt confronts his childhood nightmare fuel in the form of The Child Catcher, and we review Don’t Breathe 2, […]

Episode 38: Free Guy (Guest: Dave Green from The Love of Cinema Pod)

This week, our show goes Co-op with our buddy Dave Green from The Love of Cinema pod to dive into the video game movie, FREE GUY!  This movie’s loaded with Disney and Marvel IP, video game easter eggs, and a metric ton of cameos, and we’re discussing them all! From the big ones (yes, THAT ONE […]

The Matt and Mark Movie Show Episode 37: The Suicide Squad

I was really burpy this week. Jeez. Sorry! Belch. It’s all about the mad genius of James Gunn this episode, as Mark and I review the latest addition to the DCEU, The Suicide Squad.  We also talk Nicolas Cage’s Pig, HBOMax’s The White Lotus, and we test the limits of just how much cheese a […]

Episode 35: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Apologies for the delay this week. We’re going old school this episode! No guests, no filter, no pants. Mark and I reminisce about the 1980’s GI Joe cartoon, discuss our favorite Joes (Mark’s are super random!), and review the new spin-off movie Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins. The movie didn’t do so well at the […]

Episode 34: Space Jam: A New Legacy (Guests: The Love of Cinema Pod)

WELCOME TO THE JAM! It’s an all-star crossover event as our movie-loving friends from The Love of Cinema pod join us to talk all things Space Jam and Space Jam: A New Legacy! Spoiler: it’s not just us dunking on this movie – one of us liked it, but who?! Listen in and find out […]

Episode 32: The Tomorrow War (Guests: AJ Quevy and Darin Young from Genre Geeks)

As Chris Pratt gets recruited into the future war, I do a bit of recruiting myself, drafting two guest-hosts for this week’s show… AJ Quevy and Darin Young from the hilarious Genre Geeks podcast! They’re here to help me discuss the time-bending blockbuster The Tomorrow War, but we also fine time to geek out about […]

Episode 31: We Return to Movie Theaters for F9!

It’s been a long sixteen months away from the big screen, but this week, Mark and I made our triumphant return to cinemas to see F9, and well… let’s just say we had very different screening experiences. We discuss the film, dissect the truth about Han, take a look under the Fast Saga’s hood to […]

Episode 30: George A. Romero’s The Amusement Park (Guests: Matt McCarthy & Katherine Cox from Combs Crew)

Mark is missing in action, so I invited my friends and fellow podcasters to join me for a full-on horror episode this week… give a warm welcome to Matt McCarthy & Katherine Cox from the Combs Crew podcast! They’re here to help me do a deep dive on the “lost” George A. Romero film, The […]