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Retro Review: We talk Rob Zombie and HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES – 20th Anniversary!

Our snazzy new Retro Review theme was composed by friend of the show, Hitpoint. Go give him a follow and tell him Matt and Mark sent ya! Our house isn’t just filled with corpses this week, it’s also filled with… allergies! Mark and I battle through medicinal brain fog for a zany podcast that’s fittingly […]

MMMS 106: is EVIL DEAD RISE the Bloodiest Movie Ever Made?

The Deadites return to theaters, so COME GET SOME! This week, we review EVIL DEAD RISE and ask a very serious question: is this the bloodiest movie ever made? It honestly might be. Guinness World Records need to look into this one. Also, we briefly chat about Evil Dead 2013, the ongoing Jonathan Majors situation, […]

MMMS 105: RENFIELD (Special Guests: Jake & Emily from Feels Like the First Time Podcast)

DRACULA rises again, and this time, it’s our lord and savior, NICOLAS FREAKIN’ CAGE!!! Here to sink their teeth into our Renfield review, and honor the dark one with us, are our friends Jake & Emily from FEELS LIKE THE FIRST TIME podcast! They’re massive Cage fans and filmmakers as well. Do be sure to […]

MMMS 104: The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Special Guest: Jeff from The Love of Cinema Pod!)

LET’S-A-GO! The master of the voicemails, Jeff from The Love of Cinema Pod, is HERE IN THE BUILDING to discuss the new Super Mario Bros. movie with us! This thing’s a box office juggernaut that almost defies any sort of film criticism, but we try to drunkenly have a discussion about it anyways. Did we […]

MMMS 103: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (Special Guest: Patrick M., Friend of the Show)

You’ve rolled a 20 on the podcast dice, friends, because you’ve got… THE MATT AND MARK MOVIE SHOW! Joining our quest to review Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is friend-of-the-show and Chaos Tamer, Patrick M.! Go give him a follow on Instagram and Letterboxd. Along the way, we discuss the whole Wizards of the […]

MMMS 102: John Wick Chapter 4

After last week’s mega recap of the John Wick series, Mark and I return to talk all things Baba Yaga once more — this time, for his latest outing, John Wick: Chapter 4. Did Chad Stahelski redeem himself after the ending hijinks of Part 3? Who wields a pencil better: John Wick or Donnie Yen? […]

Get Prepped for John Wick Chapter 4 — We’re Revisiting the First Three John Wick Movies: Chapter’s 1, 2, and 3!

This week, BABA YAGA invades the podcast! That’s right, pack your bags for The Continental because we’re getting prepped for John Wick’s newest chapter with a retrospective of his first three butt-kicking movies. Can Keanu do no wrong? Why, in a civilization of assassins, would you choose to be a homeless guy assassin and not […]

MMMS 101: SCREAM VI (Special Guest: Tommy Nuggetz from CTSO – A Movie Podcast)

SPOILERS ABOUND FROM MINUTE 1. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Like Jason Voorhees taking Manhattan, our buddy Tommy Nuggetz takes our show by storm with a machete in one hand and a voice changer in the other. Why? To help us review SCREAM VI, of course! It’s a Ghostface-a-palooza in this episode as we review the […]

Our 100th Episode: COCAINE BEAR

A cocaine bear is only like the third or fourth craziest thing we hit for our big 100th episode celebration. What do we mean? Well… Mark finally meets Jeff and Dave from The Love of Cinema, Matt relives his very Rated-R childhood, we play tons of great messages from our friends and listeners, and we […]

MMMS 99: Ant-Man and the Wasp: QUANTUMANIA (Special Guests: The Underrated Podcast!)

Two benchmarks: we are rapidly approaching our 100th episode and the MCU is kicking off Phase Five. Those are equally as important, right? (By the way, if you want to be part of our special 100th episode next week, feel free to email us, leave us a voicemail, or DM us on the socials, and […]