Saw splices its way back into cinemas with SAW X, and we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to Spoop It Up with our old pal Jigsaw. And we do mean OLD. Did you know Tobin Bell is 81?? Damn!

Anywho, helping us play this sadistic cinema game is friend of the show and Guest Host-in-residence, Tommy Nuggetz. We discuss the redemption story happening on-screen and the one happening behind-the-scenes (shout-out to director Kevin Greutert), as well as the film’s gory traps, and its connections to the other Saw sequels. Plus, we also follow the clues from the movie and find a real life phone number for Jigsaw… that we call! Wanna know what happens when you dial it? Tune in to find out.

Oh! And as a bonus, we get a special Spoopy Appearance from our friends, the Movie City Maniacs! Big thanks to those guys for helping us out this Spoopy Season.

Kinda spooky, if you think about it.

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