Are you ready to re-enter the fog with us?

We have returned from our annual pilgrimage to HHN with all sorts of terrifying tales, detailing our experience at Halloween Horror Nights 2023 in Hollywood. Hear our pulse-pounding play-by-play of every haunted maze at the event, plus scare zones.

Hear how we survived the bug-infested crawl of Terror Tram Exterminatorz, the demonic possession of The Exorcist: Believer, Vecna’s mindscape from Stranger Things 4, the clickers and bloaters of The Last of Us, the classic Universal monsters of Unmasked, the Deadites from Evil Dead Rise, the horror filled holidays of Holidayz in Hell, the Latin American monsters of Monstruos, and the most famous killer doll of them all: CHUCKY!

Kinda spooky, if you think about it.

Also, as a bonus, we get a special Spoopy Appearance from our friend Kevin at The Reel for Real! Big thanks to him for helping us out this Spoopy Season.

Oh! And if you want to see the houses we’re talking about, you can always find this episode on our Youtube channel and watch us over there:

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