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Episode 51: Let’s Talk About Ridley Scott …and House of Gucci

He’s bashed Marvel. He’s criticized millennials. He’s yelled at clouds. Ridley Scott has directed some of Mark’s favorite movies and now we want to know why the hell he’s acting so damn grumpy about everything. Join us as we work our way through Ridley’s filmography, answer the question of who made the first director’s cut […]

Empty the Clip – A Matt and Mark Clip Show

X-rated androids. Gun Kata that ass. Fing Fang Foom. Michael Myers, good samaritan. Kinda spooky… if you think about it. If you know what these phrases mean, then you know. But if you don’t… strap in for our first ever clip show! Assbot has gathered up some of our favorite moments –and yours!– from our […]

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Our 50th episode and One Year Anniversary Special

This is it. The moment we never thought possible… our one year anniversary is here! Join us for a star-studded special, celebrating 50 episodes of the show! We’re talking Ghostbusters: Afterlife, ranking Thanksgiving desserts, and marveling at Mark’s new waifu pillow that arrived in a boob-ular NSFW package. Also, remember Compaq Presario? No, not that […]

Episode 49: Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch (Guest: The Producer in the Booth)

This week, The Producer in the Booth steps out of the booth and onto the mic to help me review Wes Anderson’s latest quirk fest, The French Dispatch. This movie’s loaded with famous faces, hipster worthy music cues, and nudity galore! Like whoa. Get ready to blush harder than Tilda Swinton mugs, and MUGS SHE […]

Day After Halloween Special: ANTLERS

Halloween is over, but we technically got one more Spoopy episode in the can before the holiday officially ended… and it’s Scott Cooper’s ANTLERS. Join us as we review this highly-anticipated, Guillermo Del Toro-produced horror film. Did it live up to the hype? Did it scare us? And what in the hell does Mark have […]

Special Spoopy Episode: DUNE

Our SPOOPY season comes to a close with Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE. The movie’s as long as a Sandworm, but mercifully, we kept this episode a little short! You’re welcome…?  Join us as Matt voices his love for David Lynch’s 1984 original Dune, and Mark recommends about ninety-three movies and TV shows in his longest Get […]

Special Spoopy Episode: No Time to Die

SPOOPY season rolls on here at The Matt and Mark Movie Show, and this week, we’re reviewing Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond in No Time to Die.  Join us for a deluxe episode of double-O fun as we debate whether or not Bond visits Italy or Greece, rank the Craig Bonds and then […]

Special Spoopy Episode: Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Guest: Mister Suspicious)

It’s SPOOPY season, and The Matt and Mark Movie Show is “down to clown” with all the spooky seasonal fun! All this month, we’ll have spoopy surprises like a new theme song, scary Rec’s, and frightfully fun guests like our friend, Mister Suspicious.  He’s on-hand to help us discuss Venom: Let There Be Carnage! We […]

Episode 43: Cry Macho

Get your best blanket and your smoothest hand cream out because this is our most OLD MAN EPISODE yet. We’re going positively geriatric for Cry Macho, Clint Eastwood’s supposed “final” on-screen appearance. While trying to review this movie that suspiciously sounds like it was written by an AI, we delve briefly into Clint’s singing career, […]

Episode 42: Malignant

Hold on to your hats… er, heads… for this episode because it is a doozy! We’re reviewing James Wan’s latest head trip Malignant, and doing a deep-dive on giallo movies. We also take a few detours –as we do– to talk breakfast sandwiches, home video formats, and the nightmare fuel that is the creepy Old […]