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MMMS 92: Holiday Horror GRAB BAG | We Review Rare Exports and Better Watch Out

It’s the holidays again, which means it’s time for our yearly pod tradition of doing a GRAB BAG EPISODE! You know the drill: we play the nostalgic commercials of yesteryear, and watch alternative holiday movies with a unifying theme. The theme this year: HOLIDAY HORROR! Our double bill review includes the Finnish evil Santa movie, […]

MMMS 91: The Big Turkey Day Special — Superstuffed with Rec’s!

Before we all gorge ourselves on turkey, we’re serving up a heapin’ helpin’ of Rec’s fresh from the oven for you! So grab your bibs, your mom’s gravy boats, and your loosest pants, because we’re chatting 20-plus movies in this superstuffed Turkey Day special episode. We’re talking Terrifier 2, Netflix’s All Quiet on the Western […]

The Matt and Mark Halloween Special | Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

It’s been kinda spooky, if you think about it… but the time has come for our 2022 Spoopy season to come to an end with a Halloween special that’ll put the silver right in your shamrock. That’s right, we’re reviewing the cult classic, Halloween III: Season of the Witch! Is 1982 truly the best year […]

A Spoopy Spoiler-Filled Episode: BLACK ADAM (w/ Special Guest: Mister Suspicious from Twitch)

SPOILERS ABOUND FROM MINUTE 1. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Spoopy season raises the roof for our second BIRTHDAY SPOOK-TACULAR! That’s right, we’re celebrating Mark’s birthday this episode with one of his favorite things: the DCEU… and the big screen debut of Black Adam! Helping us review this anti-hero epic is friend of the show, Mister […]

A Spoopy Special Presentation: Marvel Studios’ WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (w/ Special Guests: Derick from The Underrated Podcast and Joel from I’d Like a Refund)

While Mark’s away, we’ve summoned two frightfully fun guests to take his place this week: Derick from The Underrated Podcast and Joel from I’d Like a Refund! They’re here to help me review Marvel’s Special Presentation… WEREWOLF BY NIGHT.  The review happens around 23 minutes in, but if you skip ahead to that, you’ll miss […]

Sixty Minute Spoops — A Mini Review of Hulu’s HELLRAISER (2022)

That’s right! As a nifty little bonus, we decided to release this spoopy mini episode! Pain? Pleasure? Or podcast? In exactly 60 minutes (which is a record for us in the speed department; you know we like to usually take our time around here), we review Hulu’s 2022 re-imagining of Hellraiser, directed by horror auteur […]

We Survived HHN 31 — Our Full Halloween Horror Nights Wrap-Up Episode! Discussing All Mazes, All Scare Zones…

Come through the fog with us, boils and ghouls, as we break down our full walkthrough experience at Halloween Horror Nights 31 in Orlando. Hear us recount the petrifying play-by-play of the entire night: surviving all ten haunted houses, exploring all five scare zones, and holding our noses through all three days of straight-up farting […]

Spoopy Special Episode: POLTERGEIST PARTY! We celebrate Poltergeist’s 40th Anniversary… and Matt’s Birthday!

Spoopy season raises the roof for a special BIRTHDAY SPOOK-TACULAR! That’s right, we’ve got a lot to celebrate this week. Matt turns 39 and Poltergeist turns 40! Join us as we learn how to correctly pronounce Tobe Hooper’s name, debate whether or not this is actually a secret Spielberg movie (uh, IT IS.), and of […]

Spoopy Season Continues with… PEARL (Featuring Special Guest: Tommy Nuggetz from Check This Shit Out, A Movie Podcast)

Our first frightfully fun guest of Spoopy Season is here, and it’s our good buddy, Tommy Nuggetz from CTSO. He’s here chatting annual horror movie watching rituals, the hazards of pillow fighting in the 80s, and of course, PEARL from director Ti West!  Be sure to give Tommy a follow on Instagram so you don’t […]

Spoopy Season Continues with… Barbarian (2022)

Spoopy season continues with the buzzy new WTF horror movie, Barbarian. We do our best to keep it spoiler free for all of like five minutes, because after that, we had to dish on all the movie’s disgustingly fun surprises. Also, we love Justin Long on this show. What a guy! First, he gets Jeepers […]