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All Spoopy Rec’s: Fright Night (1985), Cat People (1982), The Company of Wolves (1984), and more!

Spoopy season rolls on here at The Matt and Mark Movie Show! And just like Cap’n Crunch boasts “Oops, All Crunch Berries,” we’re going “OOPS! ALL SPOOPY REC’s!” Join us as we dish out some great horror rec’s for the season – from cult classics like 1985’s Fright Night, to modern hits like You’re Next, […]

Spoopy Season Returns! Let’s get creeped out by WATCHER (2022)

It’s SPOOPY season once again, boils and ghouls. And you know The Matt and Mark Movie Show is “down to clown” with all the scary seasonal fun! From now until November 1st, we’ll be reviewing horror movies only, dusting off our old spooky theme song, giving scary Rec’s, and maybe even entertaining some frightfully fun […]

Ep. 80: Sylvester Stallone in… SAMARITAN (Special Guest: Jeff from The Love of Cinema Podcast)

As Rocky says, “HEY, YO!” Sylvester Stallone finally made a superhero movie. Is it his Dark Knight? Or is it more like his Steel? (Shout-out to Shaq.) Helping us decide is our good buddy Jeff from our brother podcast, The Love of Cinema Pod! We also chat Formula 1, being middle-aged at the Rage Against […]

Ep. 79: Summer Movie Report Card… and BEAST Review!

Did Summer Movie Season 2022 make the grade? Find out as we deliver harsh judgment on every summer release, and eventually talk about Idris Elba’s new lion movie, Beast. Does it stand up to the legendary caliber of The Ghost and the Darkness? And do we care? Yes. We care. We’re like Faith No More, […]

Ep. 78: All the Stuff We Missed: Prey, The Sandman, Bullet Train, Bodies Bodies Bodies, and More!

Because all the streamers and movie studios and networks decided to dump a metric ton of content on our week off, Mark and I will be playing catch-up this week with an extra large GET REC’d special episode. We’re talking the new Predator prequel PREY, Netflix’s expensively gothy adaptation of The Sandman, Brad Pitt’s Bullet […]

Summer Movie Throwback: DEEP BLUE SEA (1999)

Because nothing of note came out in theaters… and because it was Shark Week… and because our hats are like shark fins… and because it’s our show and we can do whatever we want… we decided to review Renny Harlin’s 90s action masterpiece, DEEP BLUE SEA. We also chat Only Murders in the Building Season […]

A Special Spoiler-Stuffed Episode: Jordan Peele’s NOPE

This week, we venture out to Jupiter’s Claim to investigate the skies of Jordan Peele’s highly-anticipated NOPE. Is it sci-fi? Horror? Both? We discuss that after a lengthy intro where we give our reactions to some San Diego Comic Con announcements. Skip ahead to 30:42 if you want to just get to the main review, […]

Ep. 75: The Shirtless Get Rec’d Special — We talk The Boys Season 3 and more!

With Thor: Love and Thunder behind us, and a painfully slow week at the cinema ahead of us, we decided to chat some prestige TV this week. And you know what that means: THE BOYS Season 3! Mark and I caught up on the superhero satire’s latest outing and couldn’t wait to talk supes, Homelander, […]

Episode 73: The Black Phone (Special Guest: Tommy Nuggetz from Check This Shit Out – A Movie Podcast)

SPOILERS ABOUND FROM MINUTE 1. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Always a good time when our buddy Tommy Nuggetz joins us to talk shop, and this episode is no exception. We’re discussing Scott Derrickson’s new, original horror movie, THE BLACK PHONE. We also chat about the good ol’ days of the 70s and 80s when kids […]

Episode 72: Phil Tippett’s MAD GOD

It took master stop-motion animator Phil Tippett thirty years to make his magnum opus, MAD GOD. And it takes us all of 30 minutes to be complete jerks about it. Tune in as two dummies stretch their mental capacity and good taste trying to dissect an experimental, dystopian art film. Along the way, we also […]